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choo choo.

looking @ my transcript and degree sheets i realize that i have the grades of a smart person who doesn't care if she looks like a screwed up dumbfuck. clearly this is misleading; i am feeling distinct strains of embarrassment. also something resembling stupidity, though not specifically the IQ kind.

working on my senior honors thesis outline, catching up on various readings for exams, and writing 2 final papers. my internship completely bombed this semester, and though my teacher won't penalize me for it bc it was pretty much the massachusetts mental health center HR people dangling a carrot for 4 months, it feels asstacular.

don't get me wrong: I think everything is going to be fine as long as I can show these writing assignments the creativity that they deserve.

I had a good time in nyc for thanksgiving with potatocouch. Also met up with icebluesilver (though half expecting that i'll see the username struckthrough now, it's been so long since we eJournalled at each other) whose new beau reminds me of ... ... remus lupin, down to the car-crash clever friends, and introduced her to kanna and ahvia who continue to joke and draw and ditch me with my little sister to watch movies.

though we all did watch Enchanted in the end. It was cute enough to give you insulin shock.

anyway i have to go rip off wu cheng'en/arthur waley now. cu.
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