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rofl what?

From afar, Adventure driveby <3 and has to get ready to leave for his concert. *o* He stayed up chatting with [that wizard that booted me for OOC chatter once] till 5-fucking-AM. She's alright. ^-^

You paged Adventure with 'awesome :D have fun!'

Adventure pages: She also demands photographic proof that you are indeed a tiny chinaman. XD She totally thought you were a racist white guy and hated her. XDDDDD

The LJ Friend of the Day Meme:

minor_ramblings is awesome because she has many large opinions and the only overinflated one I've yet encountered is her one of me. She's one of those remarkable people whose capacity for methodical intelligence, objectivity, and attention to detail inform rather than obfuscate her literary creativity. Her fiction is informed by her sciences, and I don't only mean the genre of science-fiction. Her writing is so cool.

I have often felt that there's something kind of British about her, most likely because I don't know anything about Canadians. The other possibility: she has this Livejournal icon of a horseback rider all sleek in breeches, cinch-waist jacket, long boots, gorgeous horse, every inch of them both in perfect configuration with European style.

We are of the ilk I like to quote Lazarus Long by. 'Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse.' She's the one who told me that the reason little girls are always getting corralled off and tagged like mustangs at airport security isn't because we look like terrorists, but because drug cartels favor innocent-looking things to smuggle their goods across the borders: we actually look like drug mules. An awesome thing to have in common, by my reckoning. Live, Internet, and learn.

Other qualifications: she takes photographs of herself in bathroom mirrors (like me), does short hair (so do I), pays homage to the great institute of homosexuality (what do I mean?) and ironizes about science (which I would do if I had the knowledges). I look forward to the day our MU*/RP/social circles magically intersect again, as Internet things are prone to do. Matter of 1's and 0's.
Tags: lol, meme, wtf
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