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what i do instead of sleeping.

Also happens to be the same as *who I do instead of sleeping! Cleverness is me!

1024 x 768 wallpaper version

for closer2myself
by way of apology
for being difficult
though to be fair
she wasn't exactly easy.

i can't even tell if it is any good.
i am supernaturally tired
my landlady called early in the morning
because my housemate forgot to sign his check
what kind of housemate forgets to sign his check?

song: Puddle of Mudd -- "Blurry"
for which the MU* twist is entertaining.
'you could be my scene.'
though really, there aren't a lot of
other relevant lines.
here are a few:

Everyone is changing
There's no one else that's real.
So make up your own ending,
Let me know just how you feel.

rofl and

Nobody told me what you thought,
Nobody told me what to say,
Everyone showed you where to turn,
Told you where to run away.
Nobody told you where to hide,
Nobody told you what to say,
Everyone showed you where to turn,
Showed you where to run away.

and some crap about faces.

running is for cowards!

night 4ever.

Edit: i am completely obsessed with ampersands *A*
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