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instead of homework!

1024 x 768
version. super late, for kismet_d.
'Cause she makes me pretty things and don't nag.

Tabitha Smith AKA Boom Boom AKA Meltdown is © Jim Shooter and Al Milgrom, but our version is all kismet_d, baby. What is there to say? I don't have an original thought in my head. And the random chunk of negative space right in the middle is actually intended (as in, like, totally intentional) to draw your eye to her back. Nat is there in spirit. Nat suffuses her spirit. It crashed my Photoshop just once and obliterated 3 hours of a nap I really could have used.

Download: Third Eye Blind's "Wounded," 192kbps, ~6MB.

I'm less sick today! Or I was, then I started taking beer with my Lost and I've spontaneously started coughing again. Karma is a teetotallar. Ah, fuck, I have an assigment due in 58 minutes BYE

Edit: Did some minor changes, including filling in the negative space after spending ten minutes in the shower punning in my head, 'Tabby-cat, Tabby-cat, what you have in your background?' The word 'Cheshire' finally sprang to mind.
Tags: graphics, homework
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