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it boins.

Torrent: Fantastic Flame Screensaver

feat. creepy chimes over crackling and popping sounds.

now all i need is a decent resolution image of Xavier Mansion, configure the screensaver to replace the desktop capture instead of that, and my geekery will be complete. Or maybe the Sydney Opera House will do. Or I could contrive of an Allerdyce family photograph, though I have often been tempted to photomanipulate 'john's wall of shame,' maybe a notched belt going across the bottom. How marvellously accomplished my boy is.

computer science grade:
statistics for psychology:
advanced fiction:
general view of english literature:
3.4 GPA, Dean's List (I don't know I guess the deans are really easy)

i guess sweating all that blood kind of paid off.

clubbing last night was fun because the music was fucking fantastic -- amazing DJ who actually made drum and bass trance remixes of everything from Andain (already trance) to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I find dancing to trance a lot easier than to RMB or anything else, but I find other genres a lot more listenable, so it was an all-round good experience. except, the good-looking guy who came up to me, blame_them, and belleiseult turned out to be 18 years old, his company even younger, and I didn't turn 21 to hit on jailbait. A first: there was this white guy with a two-foot afro (which I think was actually rooted to his scalp) and an acrylic ball who had good moves for a stage hog. robert drake. blame_them was wearing pastel pink that several sleazy older men mistook for a neon 'victim' sign.

I'm thinking about making a proper website for myself. Partly, I figure I might as well try the most 'respectable' excuse for spending one's life in Photoshop, because writing games apparently isn't, and it's not like I wouldn't have content. Put my web-design and graphic design shit up. New layout exhibiting new skills. Should probably get my own domain, too; I've been a lampyr off certain people forever. BCHANAR.COM, PYG.NU, NU.PLEES.NU, SIRFIREPANTS.ORG, I don't know. Suggestions are welcome! Until then, now I have 2 website prototypes to make for someone desperate enough to pay me for them.

I watched The Queen and Pan's Labyrinth recently, and reread parts of Julia Ecklar's Regenesis. The former was a really eloquent illustration of the dichotomy and hypocrisy of public versus private grief, how the media circus gets over/involved, and the in/sincerity of civilian sentiments for their celebrities, as well as the interface between old symbols/obsolete traditions with modern society. The relationship between Tony Blair and the Queen fucking rocked -- humiliation, humility, empathy from opposite political wings. Pan carries its tagline well: "Innocence has a power that evil can not imagine," but man, that was sad. Regenesis had a fragment I love -- "... [menagerie animals] that will never know the dignity of self-sufficiency or the company of their own kind." Which, I think, are definitions of sympathy and dignity that can be applied to things other than menagerie animals. Not that I look forward to taking responsibility for myself. Now I want to put my head through something bc I put Regenesis down and can't figure out where.

I have one vacation week this upcoming semester, March 16 to March 26th. I will be trying to visit my grandparents in California, but I think spending all 10 days there would be too much for them, so I'm considering bouncing through VEGAS or aggravating some friends in person. Never been to Florida, and a zillion of friends live there, though it's a little out of the way, so I don't know if I could get a ticket deal that qualifies as as a layover there. Of course, there's always New York City too, and I've never been to Jersey.

Edit: some Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World's End promotional images have been released.

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