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the Taiwan earthquake, Richter scale 6.7-7.1 depending on whose needle you're going on, punched most of southeast asia off the internet. something about undersea fiberoptic cables rupturing over opening chasms and the flippered repair crew being too chickenshit to chance death by aftershock.

it's been very, very, very interesting (read: intellectually challenging) seeing what will load day-to-day. over the past few, the number of sites and internet programs steadily increased -- from one MU* and Google to one MU* and Google and also AIM (!!!) but now programs and sites are coming in and dropping out with no recognizable order. predictably, i wound up attached by the eyes to google news (though i couldn't read any of the articles) and also googled myself several times. used to be some 6th grade IT teacher of mine had my first website ever still online, but it's gone now; very sad.

but I do have an urbandictionary entry:

  1. bchan 1 thumb up
         some really awsome anime artist who put her fucking page down. but, still, she is a very good artist.

    uh...... i like bchan's art. :)

    by campbell Mar 15, 2004 email it

  2. bchan
         someone who is a total n00b.

    Hi my name is bchan.

    by dan Nov 23, 2003 email it

  3. Bchan
         A big whiny noob who thinks that he is a GOD!!! FUCKHEAD!!!

    Timothy, Blue Jays, etc...

    by Anonymous Nov 20, 2003 email it

anyway livejournal's working on and off but my one MU* broke up with me. my jet lag also FINALLY went away bc i was not deranging it with late night chatting/surfing but as far as tradeoffs go, i wouldn't have traded

internet come back ok i miss your scent i miss your musk ;_;

I really want to check out: cat_macros i hope this link works *cross fingers*

Edit: i also started watching totoro last night. i love miyazaki's eye for shapes and bakemono; he really loves sticking bird feet in things. I think I will cosplay Satsuki at some point.
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