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\ *A*)/ back in hong kong and so tired. managed to rip northwest airlines off for the second time. bc they bungled my flight to the states this summer, i got a free upgrade to world business class the other day; and now that they've fucked up the entertainment system on that flight, I get 25,000 bonus miles; and now that i get 25,000 bonus miles, Anime Weekend Atlanta 2007 is about a sure bet. humans can be relied upon to fail! somehow, even though airlines are the topic, this is a good thing.

between my place in boston and arriving at our place in hong kong, i ate a total of 6 meals and slept at least 12 hours. still jetlagged as hell, but mang. rotting in front of ps was so refreshing:

1440 x 900 bc his player has a faggot resolution

i am so glad the semester is over. i will never take so many courses i can not bs my way through ever again.
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