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there is some bad news in the family (no not my triad connexions, the other one) so my head is in a weird place. Photoshop is kind of like self-medication! thank goodness i don't have my 1:30 class today

Click here for 1024 x 768

what is there to say about this one? apart from that my characters are doomed to lust after underaged women or midget-scale facsimiles thereof.

the body belongs to kristen bell and you can probably find it on google images. i like k.b.'s body because she isn't horrifically anorexic or whatever. i swear, i copied her model's face directly (see here), so don't make fun that I couldn't get her looking the same at all. i'm a ps nerd not a genius.

icly, bren's favorite stupid story is the ugly duckling, hence the swans. oocly, i promised her player to make her a dress graphic after the homecoming scene but her image quality sucked, so I made good on a bad joke about getting her out of said dress.

the quote is the translation of a beautiful serbian proverb which, from what I gather, translates more directly to 'be humble for you are made of dung, ...' but little girls have their sensibilities, so.

that used to be a hubble photograph up there. it's easier to tell from the negative and inverse image (click), which is sort of interesting in an I AM GLORIANA THE ANTI-BREN way.
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